Blow Your Posts Out The Internet Sea!

Okay, So your writing your blog.

And you put your blood, sweat and maybe some tears into it…….. And it’s Awesome!

Now, you get to the Title and all your creative juices are spent……..

It’s so common and easy to forget about how important your Titles are.

These Blogs helped me understand about this important and commonly forgotten nugget:

Copywriting: How to improve headlines on landing pages and blog posts– Gives more explanation on Headlines like Headline Theory & Attributes of Value

Are You Writing Rockin’ Blog Post Titles? I could NOT have explained Title importance Better! Simple Sweet and To the Point!

I really enjoyed learning more about writing Titles for my blog with both of these sites. I believe if you want your blog to get in the eyes of readers around the world, Your Titles and Descriptions are Very Important!


When I’m looking for info on the Internet I pick and choose what I’m gonna look at by what I read first. If I’m not interested in what I read,

I’m passing your blog by…..

Without second thoughts!

This is the order most people read internet searches:

  • Read Headline Search Engine Gives
  • Read Description Underneath
  • Click The Headline To Go Read More

If I’m interested in the Headline, I will read the Description, then, and only then, if I am still interested, I will click the Link.

From now on, Promise Yourself this one thing! You will reserve some energy and creativity for your blog/post/headline/titles!

   You have great information to offer!

And I should be reading your hard work!

Don’t forget to put a bit of sweat-blood-and-maybe-some-tears into that Title!



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