Marketing Interest with Pinterest

You probably recognize this:

Believe it or not, Pinterest is one of the youngest social networking sites. Like Instagram, It’s based off of images that viewers pin and re-pin. Unlike Instagram, however, You can re-pin someone else pin, make your pin with links and put together you very own boards for your pins to live on.

Think of it like an old Cork board you see in places like Hancock FabricsĀ  the book store, or the local coffee shop. It would see a bunch of fliers with information, probably contact information, and business cards.

When you find a pin on Pinterest it is most often just like that old cork board. Except digital and way more advanced!

You click on the pin and it takes you to that site, blog, post, etc.

So, now, How to use it for Marketing!

Mary Wieder, posted a blog on SocialMediaToday, Titled “Pin It to Win It: How Non-Profits Can Tell Their Story on Pinterest”

I really like how she talks about making separate Boards for your pins to live on targeting different, but very important, aspects of your business.

  • Educate- For educating your followers with resources, news article and facts about your company.
  • Action – For all your Call-To-Action plans.
  • Communication – To show your followers what you do, what you’ve accomplished

She also list some others as idea givers. I really like the -Where We Work idea. That’s easily grasped for a social network site that’s primarily picture based.

You can build your Business’ Story or Brand with Pinterest easily and visually pleasing, for customers like…well, me!