Code is Awesome!

Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code

I think this is a petition to help get coding education available in more schools. The Video has the creators of famous online social networks like Windows, Facebook and Twitter talking a little bit about their experience with coding.

Code, Interesting to watch.

After you sign the petition it takes you to a learning activity that teaches a bit about code by having you type instructions. Kinda Cool!

They say anybody can learn. and I’ve found that to be true!

I know very little about coding myself, however, what little I did learn, I learned fast and I had fun learning!

I believe it would be beneficial for people to consider learning some coding.

It would be especially helpful for anyone with a business or plans for a business in the future, because lets face it…..

Most everything in this generation runs on electronics, and electronics run on Code.


Social Media Marketing on Instagram?

Wow! That floored me! I never considered using Instagram to market my photography business. I use Instagram all the time for personal stuff, like posting pictures of my cat……… (crickets)

                                                                                                                                                                                           Now, I’m gonna second guess what I post here on out!

socialmediatoday posted an infograph that talks about the do’s and don’t’s of marketing your business on Instagram!

If your going to use Instagram for marketing you need to know how Instagram is different than other social media sites  to be able to reach out successfully.

Check out socialmediatoday‘s post for some valuable guidance!

Social Media Networking = Addiction?

There are so many people on the internet these days! It has become so ingrained in our daily lives that some people are curious to the effects that it has on us. “Good or bad for business?” Is the usual question, however, there’s also concern for Students and how the Social Networking World effects their growth.

Students Addicted to Technology:

If you’ve ever felt a phantom cell phone vibrations in your pocket, you could be addicted to technology. A post on Edudemic by Jeff Dunn momentarily touches base with the increasingly common social media addicted students with this infograph from Education Database Online.

While some believe that Social Media may be ruining Students educational growth, others believe it is good for them.

The infograph shows that the majority of Facebook users worked less than 5hrs a week, while a whopping 80% of non Facebook users worked 16hrs a week.

However, Facebook users were twice as likely to be involved in campus activities than non-Facebook users. “All work and no Facebook, just might make you a dull student”.

After working 16 hrs on top of studying for tests and catching up on homework, I think I’d be a dull student too!

More interesting facts!

Did you know Facebook was originally created for students of Harvard to interact with one another?

The popularity of Facebook has obviously expanded quite a bit since then having the attention of approx. 500,000,000 active users as of 2011.
71.2% of United States internet users have a Facebook. Are we obsessed with Facebook?

Are we Obsessed with Facebook?