The Truth Comes Out – Will.I.Am – A Tech Geek?

Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas talks about how he wants to be apart of the creative tech world coming alive as we speak. He’s all revved up and full of ideas, and he wants to be smack dab in the middle of it.

The Internet of Things ~ Why Will.I.Am wants to CodeĀ 

"Everywhere that we go in the world, the things that we come
across aren't intelligent. Like this wall that I'm looking at, 
it's just separating the room from the other side. In actuality, 
that wall should be intelligent. Nobody thinks of it like that. 
That's why when you go into a house, you need to put a TV on it, 
instead of the wall being the display system. I think what's going 
to come is the Internet of things...The next ten years is nuts. 
That's why I want to code."

Though, I can agree that some of his Idea’s for the future of code will be great! Such as, our environment telling our cars when there’s an accident up ahead or “watch out for an upcoming pothole”

I cannot help thinking it will be another stone of good intention, paving the road to no more privacy.

It’s good to see a world music idol getting involved with our technology growth and helping the “Geeks are Cool” cause!

Letting your inner Geek Shine!


Bringing forth the Future!