Who sees it? Monitoring Your Online Reputation

How to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Not to be mistaken with DIY, this infograph is simply how to do it right!

You want your business to go Places. Right? Then your business needs a voice, a face and a personality.

Today I’m gonna share an infograph on keeping up with your Social Media reputation.

Just like any other relationship, your online social media presence is dependent on communication and dedication. Think of your business as an Extrovert, eager

to make friends and keep them. Business wants to see whats going on with friends and neighbors and be expected at every party because everyone else feels like your business is

their wing-man. ‘Hehehe’ (so to speak).

Before you get to poken around in other people’s ‘business’ remember to be courteous and have a customer service mindset.
This is not about spying. It’s about Friendship. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you……

Now for the spying part.

If your gonna have an online presence you probably want to know how to “Know when people are checking you out”!

This guide may help a bit. It shows how you can keep up a presence and be helpful to customers by knowing yourself, your business and your goals.

I know you probably started your business for yourself, however, it’s not about you anymore. Never forget, Your business is forĀ  your customers! One for All-All for One!


Reason’s to video blog

Why use Videos on your website, youtube, facebook, blog?

Because of the magnitude of people who regularly use Social Media to obtain their information, including news, shopping and entertainment, it has become difficult to connect with people, especially potential clients/audiences!

People like social networking because it’s interactive, entertaining and….FREE!

Really, you don’t have to drive somewhere or call anyone, so there is no gas spent and time is greatly reduced!
Oh! And we can get our questions answered almost instantaneously!

So, maybe you want to connect with your prospective audience in the same way they want to connect with you?

Mari Smith, marketing expert http://www.marismith.com/, aired a webinar that talks about video blogs and how they can help your business. The webinar touched topics such as inexpensive equipment and techniques to use, conduct/branding your videos, and the best technique for stating your own video blogging.

The equipment ideas are great for beginners with limited budget or just wanting to experiment. And the advice was helpful also for 1st time video bloggers.

Topics included

  • On the go videos – Great for letting your viewer get a personal feel of you in your environment
  • Creating “Studio-Like video – For more of a professional point of view
  • How to Start – Suggesting How-To videos to start off with and how to word them for the viewer to get a personal interest what you’re offering them

My favorite points were with the lighting techniques and how to understand that what you’re doing is offering your viewers something that benefits them! Kind of like getting freebies. I love Freebies! This part of the webinar helped me understand that what I want to offer viewers may not interest them if they don’t have the same level of knowledge about the topic that I do. They wouldn’t understand why the video is good for them. So, lets put it in terms they know and can connect with.

Mari Smith’s example: If you want to talk to them about 3 point lighting, they may not understand why they need to know about 3 point lighting (even I didn’t know about 3 point lighting and I wasn’t interested). You say instead, How to look great in your videos! Now, the viewer knows what they will learn when they watch your video blog and if it will be something beneficial to them!

This webinar was helpful in teaching on how to connect with a potential audience, and had a few good tidbit tricks for lighting!

If you would like to learn more about Mari Smith and her Marketing Strategies visit her website at http://www.marismith.com/